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Angel Brown

I was diagnosed July 11, 2011. I went in remission in January. I was diagnosed with stage 4 her2 breast cancer. I was only 24 yrs old. I had so many mixed emotions. I am a mother of two and a full time student. I found my own lump which was four inches long. I was supposed to have a mastectomy but my doctor suggested an aggressive chemotherapy because of my age and it worked. My lump shrunk down, and I also did radiation. There were so many days when I was sick and feeling down, but giving up was never an option. My main focus was taking care of my kids and getting better.

Words of Hope

I understand everyone has different religions and beliefs but prayer works. I never doubted God. I asked God to deliver my doctors with knowledge to help me and he did! Surround yourself with nothing but positive energy. I lost all my hair and nails but I didn’t lose my life. Cancer is not for everyone, He only gives this to we special ones, because he knows we can handle it! Embrace your beauty; hair does not make a person. I told myself this every day. I got cancer; cancer does not have me!!