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Rebecca Weir

In January 2009, I went in for my routine mammogram, and a lump was found during an ultrasound. I had a stereotactic biopsy that confirmed the cancer, and then an MRI showed another lump. At that point, I was going to have to have three incisions in my right breast and my surgeon said that I was a candidate for a mastectomy.

My husband and I decided that a double mastectomy was my best option. I did not want my family to have to think that I could have another lump in another few years. I had been diagnosed with Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia in 2004. I had a double mastectomy in March 2009 and underwent my reconstruction. Don’ t let cancer steal your joy. Accept your diagnosis and do all that you can do when it comes to your treatment. Then, move forward and live!