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Sharon Crews

A couple of weeks after my annual mammogram at Baptist Women’s Health Center, I received a call informing me that I needed a biopsy. My husband and I were embracing each other for support when Dr. Glenn (Radiologist) called to inform me that I did have cancer. My diagnosis was ductal carcinoma in situ. I eventually had a lumpectomy followed by radiation. I like to tell everyone that “if I have to wrestle a bear I am so glad that I got the baby.”

I am fortunate to have had the medical team of Drs. Glenn, Berry and Schwartzberg. I am also blessed to have my incredible family and so many dear friends that support me. I was fortunate enough to receive the caring support from my sister Nancy who at the time was a one and a half year survivor. Today, Nancy and I share this experience with our Mom who was diagnosed in October. She is now on the path to recovery.

Words of Hope

“You are not alone. You have the love and support of the sisterhood that we now share as survivors.”